The Resume Queen's Job Search Thesaurus and Career Guide

The Resume Queen's Job Search Thesaurus and Career Guide


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  • Recently laid off? Or afraid you might be soon?
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In this unstable economy, anyone and everyone should be thinking about their next job. The competition is already tougher than ever....and it will continue get tougher. Hiring managers take 8-10 seconds to skim a resume and decide if they want to read further. Your choice of words, therefore, is vital. The ability to communicate effectively in all stages of a job search is key to getting the job you want. This book shows you how!

This book is a must for anyone who wants to better their career and who wants to stop worrying about their next job. Joanne works with clients to do a networking-based job search, and in this book, she has made those principles readily available to all readers. Go beyond “finding the next job.” Be smart about advancing your career by using Joanne’s book!
–  Dr. Ivan Misner, best-selling author of Masters of Sales and
Founder and Chairman of BNI

The Resume Queen’s Job Search Thesaurus and Career Guide is a unique handbook created specifically for a job search today. Although organized like every other thesaurus, it has a twist. It contains only words that are relevant to a job search and, unlike other thesauri, contains practical suggestions to enhance your ability to “sell” yourself more effectively, before and after the interview, so you can land the job of your dreams.

About the Author: Joanne Meehl, aka The Resume Queen, has over twenty years experience in career transition and job search consulting. She is the President of Meehl and Balzotti Career Services.

Every job hunter needs this book.
–  Dr. Paul Powers, best-selling author of Winning Job Interviews

The Resume Queen's Job Search Thesaurus and Career Guide
By Joanne Meehl
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