Infinity in a Box : Using Yoga to Live with EASE

Infinity in a Box : Using Yoga to Live with EASE
By Megan McDonough
ISBN: 0-9729191-0-4
144 page

In Infinity in a Box, business yogini Megan McDonough shares a simple yet powerful four-step approach to working and living with ease. Weaving introspective Yogic philosophy into the pragmatic demands of a hectic 21st century day, this book shows corporate executives and stay-at-home moms alike the importance of valuing each moment of life.

You will discover how to:

  • Uncover hidden assumptions that limit opportunities.
  • Develop a creative, flexible mind able to see new perspectives.
  • Use breathing techniques to live more fully in the present moment.
  • Apply Yoga philosophy daily, in a simple and easy way.

With wit, candor and down-to-earth wisdom, Megan McDonough relates the ancient philosophy of yoga to living in today's world of corporate nonsense, overloaded schedules and frantic to-do lists. Her book is full of anecdotes that gently and relevantly teach eternal lessons. If you are looking for ways to create some sanity and inner peace amidst a busy life, read Infinity in a Box. It will take you one reading to go from its beginning to its end, and a couple of readings before you will fully absorb its teachings. Highly recommended!
— Marcia Yudkin, PhD
Writer and Marketing Consultant

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