I See The Sun in Nepal by Dedie King with illustrations by Judith Inglese

This is the second book in a series for young children that will introduce them to other cultures through pictures and language.

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"Move over Peter Rabbit and Hop on Pop! Providing a learning tool with recognizable characters and surroundings, in a language students aspire to speak with a native translation to guide them … now that’s a true (and useful) gift of education." — Terry Hong, BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program

FacebookI See the Sun in Nepal
By Dedie King with illustrations by Judith Inglese
40 pages
Price: $12.95
For children ages 4 and up

Since the beginning of time our daily activities have been structured around the sun’s light in the sky. This is especially true of agrarian cultures such as rural village life in Nepal.

I See the Sun in Nepal depicts one day from dawn until night in one child’s life in the small village of Bandipur, Nepal. Waking, eating, doing chores, going to school, playing with friends, all occur within the context of time of day, and the movement of the earth. The ordinary activities of life, to which we all relate, are described in simple prose and vivid collages of cut paper, drawings and photography of Nepal. The devanagari script is the Nepali translation of the English. A glossary and country overview are included.

I See the Sun in Nepal is a poem set to the universal rhythms of daily life in a beckoning world, gentle and rich, perfect for a bedtime reading.”  — Niki Leopold, children's book author and illustrator

About the author: Dedie King was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal in the mid sixties. She taught school in Katmandu and in Bandipur. She returns periodically to visit friends in Bandipur. Presently Dedie practices Taoist acupuncture in Massachusetts.

About the illustrator: Judith Inglese, the illustrator, has been designing and fabricating ceramic tile murals for public environments for more than thirty years. Her commissions include libraries, schools, hospitals and municipal and institutional buildings like the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Her murals often focus on the play and imagination of children as well as cross-cultural exchange and community. Illustrating the "I See the Sun" series has given her another medium for examining these themes and celebrating children around the world. It is her first collaboration and publication.

NOTE: A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this book go to The Learning Centers in Bandipur, Nepal.