I See the Sun in Turkey

This is the seventh book in the series for young children that introduces them to other cultures through pictures and language.

FacebookI See the Sun in Turkey
By Dedie King with illustrations by Judith Inglese
ISBN: 978-1-9358743-4-8
44 pages
Price: $12.95
For children ages 5 and up

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn, in a more meaningful way, what living in Turkey is really like through the eyes of a child? In the newest title in the I See the Sun series, readers are introduced to Mehmet, a bright, happy boy who shares a day in his life in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mehmet’s life is quite similar to every other young child’s life in that he eats breakfast with his family, attends school and enjoys spending time with his friends. Through vibrant illustrations, readers tour the Old City, fishing on the Bosphorus and taking a tram ride past the Hippodrome.

I See the Sun in Turkey by Dedie King and Judith Inglese provides a unique introduction to the culture, family life and language of Turkey in a way that is age-appropriate and sensitive to the current culture and circumstances without being political. As with the other books in the series, the author has spent a considerable amount of time in Turkey, not merely as a tourist, but immersed in the environment and living with families who have opened their homes and their hearts to her.

Like the other books in the I See The Sun Series, I See the Sun in Turkey was written in English and also translated into Turkish by Hilal Sen, a woman who has lived her life in Istanbul.  I See the Sun in Turkey was vetted independently for authenticity and accuracy and is richly illustrated with collages made from original photographs and colorful drawings. It also includes an overview of the country, a glossary of unfamiliar words.

". . . . A fine addition to geography and bilingual collections."
School Library Journal

". . . . Emphasizing daily commonalities,
this is a useful book on urban Turkish culture."
Kirkus Reviews

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About the author: Dedie King was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal in the mid sixties. She taught school in Katmandu and in Bandipur. She returns periodically to visit friends in Bandipur. Presently Dedie practices Taoist acupuncture in Massachusetts.

About the illustrator: Judith Inglese, the illustrator, has been designing and fabricating ceramic tile murals for public environments for more than thirty years. Her commissions include libraries, schools, hospitals and municipal and institutional buildings like the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Her murals often focus on the play and imagination of children as well as cross-cultural exchange and community. Illustrating the "I See the Sun" series has given her another medium for examining these themes and celebrating children around the world. It is her first collaboration and publication.