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Infinity in a Box


Author: Megan McDonough
ISBN: 978-09729191-0-4

In Infinity in a Box, business yogini Megan McDonough shares a simple yet powerful four-step approach to working and living with ease. Weaving introspective Yogic philosophy into the pragmatic demands of a hectic 21st century day, this book shows corporate executives and stay-at-home moms alike the importance of valuing each moment of life.

You will discover how to:

  • Uncover hidden assumptions that limit opportunities.
  • Develop a creative, flexible mind able to see new perspectives.
  • Use breathing techniques to live more fully in the present moment.
  • Apply Yoga philosophy daily, in a simple and easy way.

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With wit, candor and down-to-earth wisdom, Megan McDonough relates the ancient philosophy of yoga to living in today’s world of corporate nonsense, overloaded schedules and frantic to-do lists. Her book is full of anecdotes that gently and relevantly teach eternal lessons. If you are looking for ways to create some sanity and inner peace amidst a busy life, read Infinity in a Box. It will take you one reading to go from its beginning to its end, and a couple of readings before you will fully absorb its teachings. Highly recommended!

— Marcia Yudkin, PhD
Writer and Marketing Consultant

“An introduction to Yoga’s ancient philosophy, Infinity sheds a broader light on Yoga than just a physical work out.”

— Rama Berch, Founder of Svaroopa® Yoga

“If you want Yoga to help you off the mat as well as on, this book is a must read.”

— Michael Lee, M.A., author and Founder Phoenix Rising Yoga

“This book is thought-provoking. The steps are worth studying and enhance the consciousness to a higher level.”

— V.S. Rao, Director and Spiritual Leader, The High Tech Yoga Institute of America

About the Author

About the Author
Megan McDonough is the award-winning author of A Minute For Me: Learning to Savor Sixty Seconds. Mastery of “how to get from Point A to Point B” is Megan’s trademark, whether it’s leading Kripalu Center’s entry into online learning, speed-launching a first-of-its-kind worldwide virtual conference, creating award-winning executive sales techniques, developing consumer wellness products, or teaching thousands of people to live with ease and clarity based on their own internal compass. A national media source for Fast Company, Yoga Journal, and Woman’s Day, Megan is an explorer at heart, uniquely prepared by her own professional and personal adventures to help you navigate the tricky path between dreaming about what’s at the summit and actually climbing Mt. Everest.

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