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The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self


Author: Elissa Cobb
ISBN: 978-0-9729191-4-2

The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self offers the reminder that the best guidance and inspiration come from inside one’s own unique body – that all we really need to know is “inside.” Elissa Cobb, former Program Director of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, explores and documents her particular perspective of embodiment, clarifying the relationship between body and transformation, and emphasizing the importance of body in integrating physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual energies. The book incorporates theory, her own experiential learning, and practical exercises that will be useful to anyone involved in a search for authenticity and lasting personal transformation. Anyone can learn to turn to his or her own body as a highly intelligent and reliable source of the self-knowledge needed to bring about profound change.

As Yoga becomes a more widespread part of western culture, its face continues to change and evolve even as its practitioners make new discoveries about themselves. Cobb shares the wisdom and insight that she has garnered from her own lengthy journey of self-actualization. This book deals with the body as an overlooked repository for the most profound scrolls of personal wisdom that one is likely to discover.

With her own personal truths used as examples of the body’s powers of wisdom, Elissa Cobb urges the reader to take them just as they are; her own truth, not the truth. The text follows a ground up approach beginning with the use of one’s body as a foundation for self-discovery and proceeds skyward, leading the reader along a path that many will find parallel to their own life journeys. The Forgotten Body is not a rule book or a rigid doctrine. It is simply a guide to the rediscovery of the simple and profound truths of one’s own body. As the great yogi Saraha said in the late eighth century, “The most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.

The Forgotten Body was written for those who are searching for personal authenticity (proof of life), those who want to begin or develop a transformative practice, and those who have a body. It is intended for anyone who is intrigued by the possibility of looking inside rather than outside for the answers to life’s questions. In a culture where many have become accustomed to looking outside of themselves for guidance, this book offers the reader an opportunity to turn inside for the answers to questions about life and self.


There are many books about yoga on the market today but this one stands out because it is written from the author’s self-discovered and profound truth. Elissa has used both her yoga and her life experience (including a great moose story) to probe deeper levels of awareness and understanding. She offers, not a solution, but a process – a process, that if followed, will provide the reader with ways to engage their body as a guide for living a full and authentic life. A ‘must read’ for all who seek a higher path written with passion, compassion, and elegance.”

— Michael Lee, MA
Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Author of Turn Stress into Bliss

The Forgotten Body delivers a balanced summary of ancient values of Yoga coupled with the supporting modern science in a very readable, moving flow. The interlaced story of Elissa’s experience sustains the flow and brings this work to a comfortable closure while maintaining the momentum into our stories of embodiment. A wonderful balance to the West’s bias toward the outer, consumer-based search for wholeness.”

— Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, RYT
Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation, Scottsdale, AZ
President, International Association of Yoga Therapists

“Yoga teaches the art of welcoming everything just as it is, and instructs us in how to respond to every moment with authentic action that springs from the deepest wisdom inherent in each one of us. Elissa Cobb’s book, The Forgotten Body, reveals these most cherished teachings of yoga, so that we may live our deepest, most heartfelt authenticity and realize our birthright as compassionate, loving and kind human beings.”

— Richard C. Miller, PhD, author of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga
President of the Center of Timeless Being
Co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapy
Co-president of the Institute of Spirituality and Psychology

“In a world that worships elite celebrities and all-knowing gurus, Elissa offers a bold and big idea—you have what you are looking for in the palm of your hand. The body, once remembered and honored, is your wise and willing counsel. By example, Elissa invites us to ask, listen and learn from the only guru that matters—your own true self.”

— Megan McDonough, author of A Minute for Me: Learning to Savor Sixty Seconds
founder WholeBeing Institute

About the Author

About the Author
Elissa Cobb has more than twenty years of combined practice and teaching experience in fitness/health consulting, body/mind and movement practices, Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She leads Phoenix Rising training programs worldwide and is an active speaker at mind/body industry conferences and symposia.

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