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Trusting the Moment: Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination


Jeannie Lindheim
ISBN: 978-1-9358740-0-3

Boston theater professional, Jeannie Lindheim, presents a treasure trove of insights to help increase cohesiveness and creativity. Trusting the Moment includes fifty unique exercises for those who work creatively: Teachers, Group Facilitators, Helping Professionals, Therapists, Coaches, Directors and Actors, Drama/Art/Music and Creative Writing Professors, Youth Leaders and people who like to have FUN! The exercises in the book are designed to help people foster self-esteem and confidence; get to know themselves in new and exciting ways; build memory, concentration and listening skills; become more flexible, physically and emotionally; and learn how to live in the moment. The section on the Art of Group Leadership is a valuable resource for group leaders in any field. Trusting the Moment also provides an extensive resource section for further exploration.

The purpose of this book is to give the reader a set of tools that will make them a more effective, exciting and excited artist and/or group leader. It includes ideas on the art of group leadership, as well as specific suggestions for group procedures. The heart of the book includes fifty exercises that will:

  • Break the ice when your group first meets
  • Free people from the blocks and inhibitions that many people bring to one-on-one and to group situations
  • Encourage your group members to be open, vulnerable and trusting with each other
  • Build a warm and supportive environment, where each person will feel free to express his or her own creativity and joy
  • Develop a bond between group members that will allow each one to be spontaneous and take risks

These exercises have created marvelous transformations in the attitudes and work of thousands of actors and directors, and now Ms. Lindheim is sharing them with everyone.

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Jeannie Lindheim’s carefully structured book represents the clarity and generosity of her teaching and mastery in leadership and transformative education. I read it with curiosity and marked many pages because after 30 years of teaching movement I am still hungry for new forms and exercises. I believe that this book is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to read it.

— Susan Dibble, Chair, Theater Arts Department, Brandeis University

Trusting the Moment is a gem. I applaud Jeannie for writing a handbook that captures all the areas that encompass group leadership. Areas that are often not named or can take leaders by surprise when they are first facilitating. This handbook is packed full of ideas but even more it really gives leaders in any field the possible pitfalls and ways to handle the tough situations when leading groups. Jeannie’s passion and love for her work and years of experience give us a book that will be useful for group leaders in most fields. I will recommend this book to my students in teaching and in community leadership as well as to my peers. This book captures the 21st century skills that are greatly needed to sustain us in this very high-tech society.”

— Prilly H. Sanville, PhD, Director of the Arts, Community and Education Masters Program, Lesley University

“I took your book straight out into the field and used it on the spot. I used it as an inspiration. After teaching for so many years (my first class as an acting teacher was in 1980) it was a blast for me to get into this book and be inspired.”

— Per Brahe, Instructor, Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

“I have just finished Trusting the Moment and find it as compelling as Jeannie herself. It gives excellent guidance and support to group leaders and I think leaders of many kinds of groups will want to use this book. Her whole section on the Art of Group Leadership is superb. The exercises are exciting and original. As the author of eight books, I was impressed by the clarity and sincerity of the writing in Trusting the Moment. The book flows along well. As a long-term professor, sociologist, group leader and writer, I endorse and applaud Jeannie’s book.”

— Ruth Harriet Jacobs, PhD, author and former Chair of Sociology Department, Clark University

“Fantastic information and exercises. This book is great for coaches because a lot of exercises help us to get other perspectives or in touch with secret/hidden aspects of ourselves. Trusting the Moment is so very full of great ideas and wisdom. I am inspired.”

— Christine Thomas, CPCC, ORSCC, Certified Life and Relationship Coach

“Jeannie has such an impressive wealth of knowledge and ideas! The exercises are a goldmine. Her voice and passion about this work comes through so powerfully! What I found valuable were the suggestions for alternative ways to conduct an exercise, what to expect in some cases and how to handle difficult situations.”

— Ilana Traverse, Instructional Designer and Facilitator, Principal of IMA Associates

About the Author

Jeannie Lindheim has taught for the past 30 years-acting, movement, improvisation, creativity, auditioning and characterization techniques at a variety of educational institutions. She ran her own theater school for 13 years in Brookline, Massachusetts which offered professional theater training for adults. In 1996, Jeannie went to Russia with the famous Patch Adams and 35 other hospital clowns and started her Hearts and Noses Hospital Clown Troupe, ( in Boston right after she returned. The troupe has entertained over 50,000 children in the last 14 years.  Following Hurricane Katrina, Jeannie and a colleague went to Houston where they did 1,100 ‘by the cot’ visits at the George R. Brown Convention Center. They clowned and supported those who had been evacuated from New Orleans.

Jeannie Lindheim has acted professionally and studied at Boston University; the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England; New York’s Herbert Berghoff Studio; and the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. She holds a Master of Arts from the University of California and a Masters of Fine Arts from Brandeis University.

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