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Here For Now: Living Well With Cancer Through Mindfulness


Author: Elana Rosenbaum with foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn
ISBN: 978-09729191-2-8

Here for Now combines narrative with meditations and exercises. While there have been many books on meditation and perhaps even more on cancer, until now, there have been no books that apply the principles of mindfulness to living with this disease. This book has been a welcome addition to the body of work available to patients and healthcare practitioners alike. As a psychotherapist and cancer survivor, Elana Rosenbaum has become an international spokesperson for the use of mindfulness techniques in the treatment of cancer.


You have here the priceless opportunity to explore the power of mindfulness in the service of coming to terms with things as they actually are — a good way to think of healing — and above all, you have the priceless opportunity to come to know yourself, intimately, in ways that may make all the difference. As the poet, Kabir, put it, “Fantastic! Don’t let a chance like this go by!”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD
Founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic – University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Here for Now is written with style and grace; it is both poignant and instructional. It alternates between Ms. Rosenbaum’s compelling story, told through prose, poetry and colorful drawings, and direction on how to engage in mindfulness meditation, which, she says, was her key to fulfillment long before she became ill.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

One of the greatest strengths of the book is its practical how-to exercises that were designed by the author. . . . Here for Now is a valuable addition to the oncology lay literature. As research in the area of mindfulness for patients with cancer grows, so does the interest in using this behavioral intervention.

Susan Bauer- Wu, DNSc, RN
Director, Phyllis F. Cantor Center for Research, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Instructor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

A unique treasure . . . a book that is both a genuinely useful how-to book with exercises that are creative and engaging and a page-turner of a compelling and inspiring story. If you’re like me you’ll read through to the end and then go back, intrigued by the power of Elana’s courage to look closely at the exercises.

Sylvia Boorstein
Co-founding teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

About the Author

About the Author
Elana Rosenbaum, MS, LICSW, is a leader in the clinical application of mindfulness meditation to cancer care. She has authored Here for Now: Living Well with Cancer through Mindfulness, and Being Well (even when you’re sick) (Shambala, 2012), the basis of many workshops, and created audio-CDs with guided meditations. In 1995 she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and subsequently underwent stem-cell transplantation. Her ability to thrive and embody mindfulness in the face of adversity led to the development of a mindfulness-based intervention for bone marrow transplant patients at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Emery University and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

She is adjunct faculty at the renowned Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where she worked directly with Jon Kabat-Zinn as one of the founding teachers. She’s been teaching and educating patients and healthcare professionals in mindfulness, including leading cancer centers, for over 25 years. Elana has a private practice in psychotherapy in Worcester, Massachusetts and is a sought after teacher, speaker, workshop leader and research consultant.

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